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20.02.2018 - What causes pain under my left breast?

Learn about a number of digestive and heart-related causes of pain under the left breast. We also look at the treatment options available for each one. read more

19.02.2018 - Can a vagina be too tight?

Sometimes women feel vaginal tightness, but can a vagina be too tight? Included is detail on how the vagina changes during the course of a woman’s life. read more

19.02.2018 - Could blood and urine tests detect autism?

Scientists say it may be possible to test for autism at a much earlier age than currently possible. read more

14.02.2018 - 8 benefits of fresh air for children

Experts explain the benefits to children of being outside in the fresh air. read more

12.02.2018 - 'Pharmacy first' campaign for poorly kids

Parents who have a child with a minor illness should consider asking their local pharmacist for advice instead of automatically booking an appointment with a GP, the NHS is urging. read more

23.01.2018 - Warning over children's health services

The health of children in England is suffering because of cuts to the health budget, doctors are warning. read more

22.01.2018 - Am a I bad parent? 10 solutions to parenting dilemmas

Being a parent isn't always easy. There are times when we wonder if we're doing it all wrong. There's no handbook for kids, unfortunately! Sometimes we just go by instinct and then worry we've messed up. read more