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29.12.2017 - All you should know about biotin deficiency

A look at deficiency in biotin, the B vitamin that helps the body convert carbohydrates. Included is detail on how it affects pregnancy and treatment. read more

27.12.2017 - Girls' early puberty 'may trigger later depression'

Girls who enter puberty early may have a higher risk of mental health problems in adulthood than their later-developing peers, new research suggests. read more

25.12.2017 - Festive and flirty: Interest in sex peaks at Christmas

All we want for Christmas is sex. Researchers found that interest in sex rises at Christmas, which may help to explain the September peak in birth rates. read more

23.12.2017 - Vitamin K deficiency: What you need to know

The main symptom of a vitamin K deficiency is excessive bleeding caused by an inability to form blood clots. Learn about vitamin K in adults and infants. read more

21.12.2017 - Types and side effects of antiemetic drugs

Antiemetic drugs help ease symptoms of nausea or vomiting. Learn about what medications are available to treat different causes of nausea. read more

15.12.2017 - 1 in 6 parents allow 14 year olds to try alcohol

More than 1 in 6 parents in the UK allow their children to drink alcohol by the time they turn 14, say researchers. read more

15.12.2017 - How to stop dry heaving

Dry heaving is retching or going through the motions and sensation of vomiting without producing any vomit. When should you see a doctor? read more