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20.04.2018 - 15 ways to prevent pregnancy

A person can choose from a wide range of methods to avoid pregnancy. Non-hormonal methods include condoms and natural family planning, where a person tracks their cycle of fertility. Hormonal methods include the pill, implants, and IUDs. Find out about preventing pregnancy, and when to take a pregnancy test, here. read more

13.04.2018 - Why does my urine smell like coffee?

A person’s health and diet can impact the smell of their urine. Urine that smells like coffee can be caused by a person drinking too much coffee. Dehydration and pregnancy can also heighten the smell of urine. In this article, we discuss the range of causes for urine that smells like coffee, as well as treatments. read more

12.04.2018 - Why does my urine smell like fish?

A person’s urine can smell like fish if they take certain medications or supplements. Some diets and pregnancy can also cause this symptom. However, it may instead indicate a bacterial infection such as cystitis, or kidney or liver damage. In this article, we cover the causes, prevention, and treatment of this symptom. read more

10.04.2018 - What do the cramps feel like in early pregnancy?

It can sometimes be difficult for someone to determine whether they are having menstrual pain or implantation cramps. Not everyone will get implantation cramps, but there are some distinct symptoms. There are other early signs of pregnancy that can help remove any confusion. Here we explore how to tell the difference. read more

07.04.2018 - Medieval coffin birth: A modern medical mystery

What is a 'coffin birth,' and what does it tell us about how far we've come in terms of providing appropriate care for expectant mothers? read more

06.04.2018 - Signs and symptoms of blocked fallopian tubes

The fallopian tubes can become blocked for a number of reasons, such as scarring and infection. When a blockage occurs, fertility can be affected and a woman may find it more difficult to conceive. Learn about the symptoms of blocked fallopian tubes here, along with the available treatment options to improve fertility. read more

05.04.2018 - What to know about diaphragmatic endometriosis

Diaphragmatic endometriosis occurs when endometrial-like tissue grows in the diaphragm. It can cause pain in the chest or upper abdomen. The condition is rare, affecting 0.6 to 1.5 percent of women, and it can be treated with surgery or medication. Learn about causes, management, and links to fertility and pregnancy. read more